Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jason Barnette – Tennessee Employment Lawyer

Tennessee employees are protected against racial and sex-based workplace discrimination by the Tennessee Human Rights Act and Tennessee Equal Pay Act and, in most cases, by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

While it is not illegal for supervisors or Tennessee companies to unfairly terminate their employees, it is unlawful for a Tennessee company to do so because of one's race or sex. Both race and gender are known as "protected classes," as are nation of origin, religion, veterans status, disability, and age over 40 years old. Employment determinations such as hiring, firing, promotions, etc., based solely on one's protected status qualify as discrimination and violated the above statutory provisions.

You may be entitled to lost back and front pay, promotions, and other recoveries of financial losses; i.e., ancillary damages, if your Tennessee employer discriminated against you because of your race, sex, or other protected status.

Evidence of Tennessee Workplace Discrimination

Unfortunately, not all instances of sex or race based discrimination will have their day before a Tennessee court. A single inappropriate, hurtful racist or sexist joke is rarely serious enough or evidence enough cause a racial or sexual discrimination case to be heard before Tennessee court.

Most discrimination cases involving sexual or racial discrimination involve financial losses such as failure to promote or wrongful termination. Additionally, evidence of discrimination in the form of written communications, credible witnesses, a history of racism or sexism at a workplace, or other documentation of negative employment practices based on sex or race will be needed.

Barnette Law Offices, LLC - Tennessee Discrimination Lawyers

Jason Barnette will work with the Tennessee Human Rights Commission or the EEOC as well as independently with Tennessee clients discriminated on the basis of their sex or race to reach a resolution that is fair and will compensate them for the financial losses and other hardships they have suffered from discrimination at the workplace.

Although our firm at Barnette Law Offices, LLC is located Nashville, Tennessee, we accept discrimination cases throughout Tennessee.  Please contact us at Barnette Law Offices, LLC


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