Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barnette Law Offices – Tennessee Employment Lawyers

Tennessee is a unique jurisdiction in terms of procedure for employment discrimination claims.  In Tennessee, one can opt to make a Complaint with the Tennessee Human Rights Commission, the EEOC, or hire private counsel and take the matter straight to Circuit Court.

At Barnette Law Offices, we encourage our clientele to go straight to a judicial body such as their county Circuit Court.  The reason for this is because if no “probable cause” is found by the Human Rights Commission is found, the complainant is barred from suing their former employer.   Please be advised that the wheels of government move slowly and probable cause is rarely found by the Commission.

If you are a member of a protected class as set forth by the Tennessee Human Rights Act; i.e., a minority, female, disabled, over 40, etc., and feel that you’ve been discriminated against by your employer or wrongfully terminated by a former employer, contact Jason Barnette at Barnette Law Offices, LLC.


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