Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nashville DUI Defense Lawyers

header_duilawyer Whether you've been stopped for the first time on a charge of driving under the influence, or you're facing habitual motor vehicle offender felony charges based on prior convictions, you should have knowledgeable and resourceful representation to protect your record and your drivers license. Contact the Tennessee DUI Defense Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC in Nashville for a free initial consultation about your options.

In every drunk driving case, we make a careful examination of the circumstances of the arrest and your prior record to preserve as many options for you as we can. In situations involving a traffic checkpoint, we'll see whether we can challenge the stop on the basis of improper checkpoint procedures or profiling. In other cases, we'll determine whether the arresting officer had a reasonable suspicion to suspect you of drunk driving, or whether he had probable cause to arrest you for DUI. The Tennessee DUI Defense strategy of Barnette Law Offices, LLC will make the most of the facts in your favor and worktoward the suppression of the evidence against you.  field sob breath test

With the help of forensic experts, we can also attack the results of the blood alcohol test or evidence of drugs that are found in your system. We're always on the lookout to see whether prescription drug interactions produce false readings. We've also found that arresting officers or lab technicians sometimes lack the training or credentials to provide reliable blood alcohol readings.

While many of our clients prefer an early resolution of DUI charges as soon as possible, even if a guilty plea to careless or reckless driving is necessary, we'll take your case to trial whenever there's a reasonable chance of success on the basis of disputed facts. Additionally, we represent clients facing felony DUI charges, as in alcohol-related accidents involving personal injury or death.

In cases where a conviction of DUI is unavoidable, we can review the circumstances of any prior DUI convictions to see whether any can be eliminated as the basis of increased punishment. Whenever possible, we'll also work to preserve or restore your ability to drive under a restricted license and so that you can serve any incarceration period at the Swaim Center rather, than in jail.

For additional information about our ability to defend you on drunk driving charges, contact the Tennessee DUI Defense Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC or 615-585-2245 for a free initial consultation.