Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tennessee DUI Without Jail Time

At Barnette Law Offices, LLC, we have a program wherein even if you’re convicted of a DUI or plead no contest/guilty, you can still avoid jail time.  Under Tennessee DUI law, even a first offesne requires a mandatory 48 hours in jail.  However, Jason Barnette, Esq., has represented many criminal defendants in the Nashville, Tennessee metro area and while they’ve plead to the charges alleged, they’ve not served any time in “jail.”

In our program, you can serve your time prior to the pre-liminary hearing in a facility which isn’t a locked down facility and which is safe.  Moreover, you can complete your victim impact statement and DUI classes while there.  More often than not, Barnette Law Offices can have you back on the road the same day of your hearing and with the minimum fine of $350.00.

Feel free to contact Barnette Law Offices, LLC, and it’s Tennessee DUI Lawyer Jason Barnette for more details at:

Barnette Law Offices, LLC

1800 Hayes Street; Suite 122, Nashville, TN 37203 – (615)585-2245 – http://www.barnettelawoffices.cominfo@barnettelawoffices.comTennessee DUI Attorney

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