Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In criminal cases, if incarceration is a potential outcome of a criminal case, all defendants must be provided a court-appointed attorney.  Defendants, however, may elect to use a private criminal defense attorney or elect to represent themselves in criminal proceedings. However, the use of an attorney or lawyer provides numerous benefits to defendants, which at first may not be as obvious as they seem.  The benefits of using any attorney during your criminal case include:

  • Cooperating and negotiating with prosecuting officials, who may refuse to address defendants representing themselves
  • Promote pre-trial diversionary programs for defendants
  • Provides defendants with a comprehensive and objective view of the potential fallout and other aspects of their criminal charges and pending cases
  • Understanding, interpreting, and implementing defenses based on less than obvious court and other legal precedents per their legal experience and research
  • Informs defendants of the future fallout from a guilty plea, including civil liability, earning an income, strike legislation, and other stigmas against ex-convicts
  • Objectively present expert witnesses, contradicting statements made by prosecution witnesses, and even independently interview eyewitnesses and victims
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