Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jason Barnette – Tennessee DUI Attorney

Tennessee DUI laws are amongst the harshest in the nation. The allowable blood alcohol concentration is below .08% which means that if found driving a motor vehicle at or above .08% you will be arrested for a DUI.
Tennessee is what is referred to as a implied consent state, meaning if you are driving a motor vehicle on public roads within TN you agree to submit to a chemcal test if asked to take one by a police officer. If you refuse to take the chemical test you will automatically lose your drivers license for a 1 year minimum.
Don’t confuse the breathalyzer test from the roadside test administered by the police, you aren’t required to take the roadside breath test and will not be punished for politely refusing to.
In addition if pulled over for a DUI in Tennessee the offier will ask you to submit to a series of Field Sobriety Tests which are not mandatory. Your best move here is to politely decline to take these tests as very few people actually pass these and they will certainly be used against you in court.
If you’re facing a DUI offense in the state of Tennessee contact Jason Barnette at Barnette Law Offices, LLC – 615-585-2245

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