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Caring Nashville Divorce Attorney’s

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At Barnette Law Offices, LLC, in Nashville, Tennessee, we are committed to helping our clients and their children deal with sensitive personal and financial matters associated with divorce in Tennessee. At the Nashville Divorce Law Firm of Barnette Law Offices, LLC, we acknowledge that effectively representing our clients sometimes means telling them things they do not want to hear. Divorce is a difficult situation based on give and take.  Accordingly, many may not always like what we must present to you, but you can count on the Nashville, Tennessee Divorce Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC, getting you the most favorable outcome possible. If you are seeking honest and effective legal representation for your divorce, please contact us at Barnette Law Offices, LLC or 615-585-2245.

Divorce Overview - The Basics

Divorce is difficult. Whether or not you are sure you want to end your marriage, you should know the basics of Tennessee divorce law. Should you conclude that divorce is necessary, it is important to seek the assistance of the experienced Tennessee family law attorney’s at Barnette Law Offices, LLC.

A divorce is a judicial decree by which a valid marriage is dissolved. From a legal standpoint, the divorce process will divide the couple’s assets and debts; determine the future care and custody of their children via a parenting plan; and give each person the legal right to marry someone else.

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Division of Property

When a couple has little or no marital property, no children and no disagreement on spousal maintenance/alimony, their divorce usually goes very quickly. In most instances, we at Barnette Law Offices, LLC, can wrap up the process in a one-day mediation. 

Most couples, however, have at least some issues to work out during the divorce process. These issues may involve children, marital property, personal property, real estate, a family business, debts, trusts, real property in other states, joint and separate accounts, investments, insurance, pensions and other assets. In any divorce, especially one involving complex property matters, the experienced Nashville Divorce Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC can offer invaluable advocacy for our clients.

Dealing with Divorce

Understanding the process and the feelings you may experience will help you to dissolve the relationship. It is important to allow yourself the time you need to recover from the experience of ending a marriage so that you can move on to the next phase of your life. The skilled Nashville, Tennessee Divorce Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC, can and will provide support throughout the divorce process.

Amicable Divorce

It is in your best interest to approach divorce from an amicable perspective insofar as this can spare you a great deal of time, money and frankly, misery. The experienced Nashville Divorce Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC, will help you see things clearly and objectively so that you may move forward with your future in the best possible position.

If you need a skilled and professional divorce attorney in the Nashville area or anywhere in Tennessee, please contact us at Barnette Law Offices, LLC, or 615-585-2245.


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