Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Unemployment in Tennessee

Have you been denied ?  Do you feel that the Agency Decision, the Decision of the Appeals Tribunal, and/or the Decision of the Commissioner’s Designee issued by the was wrong?

Were the reasons for denial stated “work related misconduct” or that you violated a policy held by the employer?  In such cases, the separating employer must show that you intentionally breached a duty owed to said employer and willfully damaged their legitimate business purposes in order to prevail under our .  Likewise, an employer must show that you intentionally breached a policy that you were made aware of if they attempt to evince a finding of work related misconduct.

Was the reason for denial is that you allegedly “voluntarily resigned” without good cause.  Many people think if they are forced to quit they are ineligible for .  This is not true if you quit for necessitious and compelling reasons and if you exhausted reasonable alternative before quitting.  Such “good cause” is a substantial change in your work in regard to pay and working hours.

You can appeal an adverse decision and we at Barnette Law Offices, LLC may be able get it reversed.

Most employers in Tennessee will lie to the department of workforce and labor so that you’re declared ineligible. This saves them money on insurance premiums. However, Jason Barnette and his team at Barnette Law Offices fight for employees which are wrongfully being denied benefits.

If you need an , contact Jason Barnette today at 615-585-2245 or

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