Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tennessee Unemployment Law

Have you recently applied for through the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and received an Agency Decision stating you were ineligible?  If so, call at Barnette Law Offices.

You have a right to appeal the Agency Decision to the Appeals Tribunal.  It matters not if you have been alleged to have committed work related misconduct or to have voluntarily resigned.  You need a Tennessee unemployment law attorney like to explain to the hearing officer what is and what is not work related misconduct and to apply T.C.A. 50-7-303(a)(2)(A) to the facts of your case.  If the issue is voluntary resignation, you need an like Jason Barnette to help you show that you had compelling and necessitious reasons to leave your most recent work and that you exhausted all reasonable alternative before so leaving.

If you’ve been denied benefits through the Department of Labor, contact Jason Barnette at Barnette Law Offices.  We can be reached at 615-585-2245 and

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