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Nashville DUI Lawyers


Nashville DUI Lawyers – Barnette Law Offices, LLC

DUI or driving under the influence
Driving under the influence is defined as driving or being in physical control of any automobile or motor vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicant, marijuana, narcotic drug, or drug producing stimulating effects on the central nervous system, or while having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more.  If you’ve been charged with DUI in Tennessee, it is advisable to retain a skilled Nashville DUI Lawyer such as those at Barnette Law Offices, LLC.  We also represent clients throughout Tennessee.

With that said, "Under the influence" is a conclusory phrase and a determination of whether one is or isn't under the influence is very subjective. For this reason, a detailed analysis of all of the evidence to be presented in a DUI case is essential to ensure that every possible defense is uncovered and explored.  Again, this is why it is advantageous to retain a skilled Nashville DUI Lawyer from Barnette Law Offices if you’ve been charged with DUI. 

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Under age driving while impaired
A DWI is committed when a person 16 years or older but under 21 drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, under the combined influence of alcohol and any other drug, or with a blood alcohol content of .02% or higher.  This can have serious consequences on a person’s ability to drive and can leave a criminal record for life if the accused is 18 years of age and is found guilty.  Once more, it is imperative to retain professional representation which can be found by hiring the skilled Nashville DUI Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC or 615-585-3885.

Jason Barnette of Barnette Law Offices, LLC has the DUI Defense experience needed to assist you in your case.

Due to the serious nature of DUI related charges, it is important that every possible defense is explored and in most cases there is a defense. Again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLEAD GUILTY.  Contact Barnette Law Offices, LLC for a free consultation with our Nashville and Tennessee DUI Lawyers.


What to do if you've been charged with a Nashville or Tennessee DUI/DWI?

If you've been arrested and charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence, you're facing criminal charges that have lifetime and serious effects on you. Contact the skilled Nashville DUI Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC as soon as possible.  Our system of criminal justice can be complex and overwhelming and you need someone who can help guide you through the process and who will fight for your rights at every level.

The Nashville, Tennessee DUI Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices, LLC are committed to providing aggressive, effective, and professional legal representation.

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